Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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Breast-LiftA woman’s body can change drastically over the course of time. With the natural aging process and various life experiences like giving birth, the breasts may begin to sag and lose their youthful appearance. For many women, these changes are a great deal of concern and bring about feelings of insecurity and a poor body image. Fortunately, these changes can be rectified with a breast lift.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to lift and reshape sagging breasts and is performed when the patient doesn’t want to increase the size of her breasts. However, there are occasions when breast implants are also inserted at the time of lifting if the patient wants to increase her size too.

  • Ambulatory surgery
  • Recovery is about 10 days
  • Post surgery treatment
  • Local anesthesia

What to Expect From the Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift surgery takes about 2 hours to complete and requires the use of anesthesia to help keep you comfortable during the surgical process. This is an outpatient procedure which means patients will be able to return home the same day of the surgery.

After the procedure is completed, patients can expect:

  • Perkier and more aesthetically pleasing breasts
  • A more youthful projection
  • A reduction in nipple size
  • Enhanced fullness

There will be some swelling and bruising after the procedure, but this is temporary and will subside. It’s also necessary to take some time off work to rest and recover. The recovery period should take about two to three weeks and during this time, strenuous activities should be avoided.

Good Candidates for a Breast Lift

Good candidates for breast lift surgery have breasts that have begun to sag or are already experiencing a significant degree of sagging. Your candidacy for the surgery can only be determined during a consultation with Dr. Reyes. During your consultation, he can analyze your breasts to help determine if the surgery is a good fit.


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